Christine Dates

Christine loves teaching yoga to all, but always feels a special connection to those who initially thought yoga wasn’t “for them." Her classes are alignment based yet flow fluidly, a balance of strength and ease. Christine's personality is heavily represented in her teaching style - sincere, straight-forward, and light-hearted, with a healthy dose of humor sprinkled in. Christine completed her initial 200 hour Teacher Training in January 2015 at YogaWorks in Los Angeles. Since then, she has trained in Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, yoga with a trauma-sensitive approach, and is currently advancing her certification to the 500-hour level. Christine believes that yoga is for every body, and that the flow we find on our mats guides us to greater presence, awareness and connection within our lives off the mat.

Christine Dates instructs the following:
  • Intermediate Yoga
  • Intermediate Yoga is designed for established yoga students who are interested in deepening their physical asana practice beyond what is generally offered in our Mixed Level class. Students will spend time working towards more challenging postures, such as arm balances, inversions, and deep hip openers. Class themes will be built upon monthly, giving students time and space to grow and evolve.

  • Mixed Level

  • Basic Yoga
  • Our signature alignment-based class geared towards beginners. If you are new to yoga or have dabbled in yoga in the past and are looking to rekindle your practice, then this class is for you! Students learn proper alignment in key yoga poses to increase flexibility, strength and balance. Students also learn how to coordinate breath and movement through basic flow sequences.

  • Gentle Vinyasa Flow
  • Gentle Vinyasa Flow Breath and posture are linked together in this accessible, calming class. A safe space is provided with alignment cues. Class begins with warm ups, follows up with flows, and ends with an active meditation, and relaxation. Open to all levels.

  • Flow into Stillness
  • The holiday season will soon be upon us. It's a time of joy, love and festivities, but the season also often brings stress and overwhelm. Treat yourself to an evening of self care as Christine Dates guides a slow, gentle flow into stillness. The practice will begin with Pranayama (breath work) to clear the mind, settle the body, and encourage prana (life force) to flow unimpeded within. Breath awareness will help move into a slow, grounding asana practice to release pent up energy and stress. Movement will gently cease, relaxing in a restorative posture before letting go completely into guided Yoga Nidra - or yoga sleep - where a blissful state of consciousness somewhere between waking and sleeping is experienced.

    This workshop is an experiential practice and open to all levels of experience. Participants will be exposed to practices they can incorporate into life off the mat to stay grounded and present during this busy time of year.